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What is Kinesiology?

What is kinesiology all about?

Kinesiology serves as an umbrella term for a rapidly expanding group of specialised healing modalities, practised in over 50 countries worldwide. The different branches of kinesiology are united by their use of muscle monitoring and their holistic viewpoint that honours the client’s own healing process.

Benjamin Edom – Kinesiologist

Benjamin Edom – UK – Holistic Kinesiologist

Benjamin is a professional kinesiologist and reiki practitioner with over 20 years experience and works to facilitate and enhance your self-healing process by restoring the natural balance of your whole system.

Energy Workshops

Graceful Power Intro – The Art of Peace

Whereas western religion, and later science, has divided body and mind, material and energy, world and spirit, and taught us that they are all distinct, separate, incompatible realities, Eastern, and many indigenous traditions see these as contiguous, related experiences of the same Oneness.

The Vicar and The Guru

This is where my recently-met good friend, the Rev. Don MacGregor, and I will publicly discuss a wide range of practical, theological and altruistic subjects from Don – ‘The Vicar’s’ Christian perspective, contrasted with non-aligned ‘scientific mysticism’ from myself, Benjamin – ‘The Guru’.

Our respective wives have given us their blessing so watch this space for some unusual and perhaps surprising angles on what in life is real, meaningful and worthwhile.

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